August 30, 2015

Stories of Living – ‘Save Your Breath’


Stories of Living is the newest band to emerge from the ever reliable New Jersey pop-punk scene. Save Your Breath is their debut album from Standby Records.

“Enough Is Enough” jumps right into it. The quick-witted vocals in the chorus have a dynamic bass drum/lyric combo that sets the tone for the rest of the album in this angst-heavy album opener. “16.67%” may have a bit too many bass drops for its own good, but the track is infused with a few electronic beats to give the harsh vocals a very distinct sound. “Out There” shows them at their liveliest. This song starts off with a monster hook and is designed to be stuck in your head after the first listen. The lovesick lyrics may not be revolutionary, but they keep the song light and peppy. “Don’t Lose Your Dinosuar” keeps things lively with a rip-roaring chorus that demands you to dance and mimic the chants of ‘Who you are is just who you want to be’


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August 17, 2015

The Story Behind “Allomaternal” with RJ Reynolds

Stolas edit

On Thursday November 20th we got on the phone with RJ Reynolds (Bass, Stolas) to discuss his band’s recent album Allomaternal, and his role as bassist and concept writer.

SM: You guys just released your sophomore album, Allomaternal– how’s the response been so far?

RR: It’s been great. I think with this album we improved upon two of the main criticisms of the last one; the first being that the vocals were kind of harsh. We polished them up a lot and added a lot more balance between Carlo and Jason on this record. Second, structurally Allomaternal is a lot more direct. The tracks on Living Creatures were like our first 10 songs and the music was very dramatic and volatile. With ‘Allomaternal’ we focused more on making sure every part in the song was necessary. (more…)

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August 7, 2015

Welcome to Casual Punk Fan

Hello world,

Welcome to Casual Punk Fan. A music blogging site that shares many similarities with its competition. So how will we stand out and be different? We will gladly tell you. While we will still have traditional posts with ‘Album Reviews’ and feature an ‘Artist of the Month,’ we want to do more than that. This website will focus mainly on lesser known bands and local acts.

Who cares about Ronnie Radke’s latest misstep or the hearsay sources with information about Brand New’s latest album that will never actually be released. Let’s focus on the bands out there right now, killing it in their scene. We want to be a voice for the bands touring across the country, up and down the coasts, sleeping on fans couches and having to settle for PBR because money is tight.

Casual Punk Fan is gonna shake things up. Perhaps I’ll do an interview where I challenge band members to see who can drink the most and we let the conversation flow like the booze. Maybe I’ll work a show as the merch attendant to interact with the fans and see what it’s like to spend the night in the shoes of an artist. This will not be your traditional music site and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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